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Thursday, October 26, 2006

We're currently in the process of re-working SFZero. This means that we're re-working the code as well as significantly altering game mechanics. The goal is to bring SFZero out of beta by mid-January, have a huge event and a party and so on.

We'll be posting updates on our progress in this blog, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Right off the bat, we've had some pretty big setbacks. I had been working pretty intensely on a new codebase laptop got stolen. I lost about a week of work (~40 hours or so), and I can't really get started again until my new laptop arrives. Here's my recap of the devious theft, as posted on the SFZero front page:

...Sam's laptop was viciously stolen! Sam was sitting at an otherwise delightful cafe, working on SFZero and enjoying the Good Life when two highschool-aged girls approached his table and created an ingenious diversion while a Mysterious Third Party viciously stole Sam's laptop (and bag!). With nothing left to lose, Sam drank a lot of wine, went dancing and made late-night pancakes by candlelight (remember, no power). The laptop remains A[bsent]W[ithout]O[fficial]L[eave] despite the best efforts of Cedric the Chiropractor and Buzz the Taxi Driver to recover it....

Anyway, the new machine is coming soon, and I'll be able to get started again. In the meantime, we'll be posting some info on the new features we plan on adding to the site, and about the direction we'd take with SFZero in general.


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